week 1

Max my Performance PPD  Addiction program – week 1.

How it works

  • This week you get access to PPD 1 (plus a bonus) plus the exercise that comes with it.
  • In the next week you get access to PPD 2 as well as PPD 1.
  • After each extra 7 days you get access to the next PPD (we send you an email) and can still access all those made available already.
  • You can take longer than thirteen weeks to listen to all the PPDs, If you feel like it you can linger longer on any PPD, or go back to it
  • After 26 weeks you no longer have access to any of the PPDs.

How to use PPDs

  • You can listen to the PPDs online on any online device that you have, computer, tablet, smartphone etc.
  • While earphones or headphones are best, they are not essential and the quality of the hi-fi is not important because the sound is only the carrier.
  • The recommended sequence is PPD 1, 2, 3 etc. moving on each week.
  • You can listen as often as you like (no side effects), but we recommend a minimum of once a day.
  • Just click the audioplayer button below.
      1. PPD 1
      2. PPD 1 bonus

Exercise week 1
Make more effort in being aware what happens in your life, what thoughts and emotions you have, how often they change.

Whatever you have to do, do it with more alertness / vigilance.

Try to see that thoughts and emotions last very shortly, if you want to keep them alive in your mind, they are gone!

Recognize that you often focus on the negative thoughts and emotions, but that there are a lot more positive thoughts and emotions during the day! (nice coffee, tea, food, dreams, flowers, nature, animals, sun, shower, good sleep, etc.). Acknowledge them!

We strongly recommend you to keep a personal log/diary so you know what happened and which PPD did what.

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