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  1. RalphBauer

    I have used PPDs before, with some success. I enjoyed the “grounding” sample and look forward to the research program, perhaps even using these in my counseling work (my wife is a Holistic Psychiatrist and may also use them).
    About the sample: I noticed the ending (after 2:00 minutes) was very jarring, like a fall off a cliff. Is it possible to get a version of that with a gentle fade-out? (As a form audio engineer, I would like about 4-6 seconds for the fade, a log ramp-down).
    Another question: would it be advisable to make a loop of this 2 minute program, running for about 25 minutes, and fading out? That to me would be an optimal period (1 “gatha” is about 24 minutes).
    Thanks again for your wonderful work in Africa! I look forward to using it in the US.
    Ralph Bauer ThM


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