Max my Performance – program 1

Clearing the past.


  • dit programma is erop gericht om stap voor stap het verleden te neutraliseren
  • het omvat 11 verschillende PPDs en bijpassende mindfulness oefeningen
  • in het veld van overlevingsgedrag (fight, flight, freeze), onwenselijke gedragspatronen, trauma’s, overgevoeligheid en bewustzijn
  • de investering bedraagt € 150,-
  • elke week komen er nieuwe PPDs ter beschikking
  • je krijgt ook elke week een herinneringsmail
  • Na 183 dagen (26 weken) is het programma ten einde

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  • Includes 11 PPDs and additional mindfulness exercises
  • In the realm of survival instincts (fight, flight, freeze), rigid patterns, judging, trauma’s, oversensitivity and Now awareness
  • Each week also comes with a mindfulness exercise
  • The investement is € 150,- (app. £110 or $165) –
  • Every PPD is listened to for a minimum of 1 week.
  • Every week there is a new PPD available on the website – you will receive an email reminder.
  • One has still access to all those PPDs made available already – so after ten weeks you have access to all ten PPDs.
  • After 26 weeks the access to any of the PPDs stops.

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  1. inette

    your are welcome, try the free PPD mp3, might change your life. Some PPD mp3’s will help losing weight, since stress is a major factor in becoming obese!

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